Where the Arts and education meet. Work with me to immerse yourself in real-world scenarios and gain skills to excel!

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Build the skills needed when working with clients or potential clients, or groups. 45-minute virtual session using monologues, and/or script analysis.

for individuals

1:1 Coaching

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Maximum of 10 persons. Bring your employees, students, trainees, leaders together in a learning environment to build skills to excel by immersing your-self in simulated real-world scenarios. (Virtual or in-person) 

For small groups

Group Sessions

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Hire me for your next workshop and learn how simulation using the arts is pivotal for your business, organization, agency or individual profession. (virtual or in-person)

for small or large groups


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A good idea with good implementation yields a great outcome.

Depending upon the nature of the services, costs will be negotiated with the client.

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Services are available both in-person or virtual.

Are the services in-person or virtual?

You can book a free discovery call with me here and we can chat about your goals to see which service is best for you.

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