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Helping individuals, businesses, organizations and agencies...

Build the skills needed to excel by immersing yourself in real-world simulated scenarios using the arts.

Founder of Egats Production, LLC, independent filmmaker, award winning playwright and screenwriter, public speaker, trainer, coach and Social Worker.

I am a licensed Social Worker with more than three-decades of experience in the field. I decided half-way through my journey to step outside of my box by creating and sharing real stories through playwriting, screenwriting, film, acting and producing independent projects. 

I want to help you build the skills that you need to excel in your business, profession, or agency, by immersing yourself in simulated real-world scenarios.

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Sheila Robinson

Maximum of 10 people. Bring your employees, students, trainees, leaders together in a learning environment to build skills to excel by immersing your-self in simulated real-world scenarios.

Group Sessions

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Build the skills needed when working with clients or potential clients, or groups. 45-minute virtual session using monologues, and/or script analysis.

1:1 Sessions


Hire me for your next workshop and learn how simulation using the arts is pivotal for your business, organization, agency or individual profession.